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Asia Jones is a 22 year old masters student currently living in New York City.

By attending Spelman College, and being influenced by the institutions push for social activism, Asia decided to take the initiative to create a platform where spreading mental health awareness within the black community is a priority. Utilizing informative articles, media outlets, lectures, products, and music, Asia Jones Productions aims to have information regarding various mental illness or other life stresses readily available for people of all ages to better assist their potential needs and lack of a voice.

Absence of resources, professional help, and family support available to my classmates and I during our pivotal developmental years is responsible for my burning passion to pursue a career in counseling. In particular, I aspire to provide therapeutic services for individuals within minority ethnic communities as well for those who may be of low income. Lack of treatment and resources for mental illness and emotional discomfort during the developmental periods of childhood and adolescence may strengthen the negative effects of the said disorder as they grown and may result in increased the likelihood of debilitating and clinical psychological distress later in life. By becoming a child and adolescent counselor, I aim to evaluate and strategically facilitate sessions that will assist with psychological and emotional distress, and lessen the chances of individuals living within low income and minority communities becoming diagnosed or self-treating for clinical psychological disorders later in life. In addition, implementing strategies within the community through collaborations with other community agencies and clinical professionals to share valuable information pertaining to mental and emotional health to the families and schools within the community, while also providing resources for citizens who wish to receive help but are not aware where they may receive the proper treatment and attention for their distress is a major career goal.

Aspiring to become a Clinical Psychologist, Asia Jones hopes to lecture, counsel, and conduct research to further her mission of mental health awareness.